Wed, 13 Aug 2014

I've been busy, and there's a new blog

It's been a few days since I've written about my new commitment to consistently do a bit of work every day towards my goals. I've been too busy working to write. In fact, I have been working every day; but not all the projects I'm working on are ones I necessarily want to talk about on the Internet at the moment.

However, one project I do want to to work on consistently and in public is my new website design. Over the last few days I've been planning and fiddling, and today I finished step one: setting up a blog on which I can document my further steps.

This is; going forward I'll be writing mainly on I thought I would put the new blog right in the thick of the development. So I set up a subdomain of to point to an Ode installation: It has a minimal theme (including an archive feature implemented as a separate theme) and will hopefully be the site of many discoveries and reports to come.