Wed, 29 Oct 2014

Showing one post per page

ooh, looks like I haven't been very busy at my newest blog, But here's a nice tweak to the theme over there: showing one post per page and browsing posts one at a time.

In ode_config, we set setting number 12 to show one post per page.

The previous and next post links now say next 1, previous 1.

We use an Ode theme to power the archive (a theme being simply a set of html templates plus css), which is linked to in each post's footer. This theme shows all posts (ten at a time, as hard-coded in the URL), showing only the date and the title.

The result: less of a 'blog' feel, more of an 'independent articles' feel as you always have one post per page. This is in line with the simple, calm intention of the theme. But easy access to a list of all posts in the archive.

Two things missing:

  1. remove the '1' from the next/previous string. I think I've done this before, but can't remember how at the moment.
  2. on a post page (if you click on a title from the archive page), you should really still have the next/previous links.